Section 11-47-7.1

Additional court costs and fees on certain municipal cases; disposition of funds.

(a) In addition to any court costs and fees now or hereafter authorized, any municipal governing body, by majority vote of the municipal governing body, may individually or jointly with one or more municipalities in the county levy and assess additional court costs and fees up to an amount not to exceed the court costs and fees in the district court of the county for a similar case on each case hereafter filed in any municipal court of the municipality or municipalities. The cost or fee shall not be waived by any court unless all other costs, fees, assessments, fines, or charges associated with the case are waived. The costs and fees when collected by the clerks or other collection officers of the courts, shall be paid into a special municipal fund designated as the corrections fund. The affected governing body shall allocate the funds exclusively for the purchase of land for, and the construction, equipment, operation, and maintenance of, the municipal jail or jails, other correctional facilities, if any, any juvenile detention center, or any court complex.

(b) The municipal governing body may appropriate other funds, space, and property sufficient to maintain and equip any municipal jail or court complex. The municipal governing body may also receive gifts, grants, and property for the use of the jail or court complex and may contract for services related to the construction, equipment, and maintenance of the jail or court complex.

(c) The municipal governing body or municipal governing bodies may provide for the implementation of this section with another governmental entity by entering into a contract pursuant to a resolution or ordinance for the construction and operation of joint municipal correctional facilities or a court complex and may adopt joint rules and regulations applicable to the jurisdiction of each entity relative to the correctional or court facilities.

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