Section 11-47-72

Filing, etc., of declaration as to removal of all remains from abandoned cemetery.

After the removal of all human remains interred in any part or the whole of the cemetery lands abandoned as a burial place for the human dead as provided in this division, the cemetery corporation, association, corporation sole, or other person owning or controlling such cemetery lands may file for record in the office of the judge of probate of the county in which such lands are situated a written declaration reciting that all human remains have been removed from the part or portion of such lands described in such declaration. Such declaration shall be acknowledged in the manner of the acknowledgment of deeds to real property by the president and secretary or other corresponding officers of such cemetery corporation or association or by the incumbent of any such corporation sole or by the persons owning or controlling such cemetery lands, and thereafter any deed, mortgage, or other conveyance of any part of said lands shall be conclusive evidence in favor of any grantee or mortgagee therein named his successor or assigns of the fact of the complete removal of all human bodies therefrom.

(Acts 1957, No. 389, p. 523, §12.)