Section 11-47-73

Payment of expenses of abandonment and removal by corporations, etc.; disposition of funds of corporation, etc., remaining thereafter.

(a) Whenever any cemetery corporation or association shall have resolved upon the abandonment of any cemetery or part thereof and the removal of the human remains therefrom under the provisions of this division, such cemetery corporation or association shall have power to employ any moneys in its treasury to defray the expense of such abandonment and removal, including the expense of purchasing or otherwise providing a suitable place for the interment or depositing of such remains in any other cemetery, mausoleum, or columbarium in this state, including the expenses of disinterment, transportation, and reinterment or the depositing of such remains in such mausoleum or columbarium, the expenses of the removal and disposal of such vaults, monuments, headstones, coping, or other improvements which may remain after the human bodies are removed from any such cemetery or part thereof, all necessary expenses incident to the sale or mortgaging of any of said lands, all other expenses necessarily incurred in carrying out such abandonment of such cemetery lands and the removal and reinterment or disposing of the bodies so removed and all other expenses incident to any of the above purposes.

(b) Any moneys remaining in the treasury of such cemetery association or corporation after making the removal and reinterment of the bodies from such cemetery lands shall be retained and used as a fund for the perpetual maintenance and care of the cemetery lands wherein such bodies so removed have been interred or for the maintenance and care of any memorial mausoleum or columbarium in which said human remains have been deposited or such fund may be used for such other purposes as such cemetery corporation or association may lawfully declare.

(Acts 1957, No. 389, p. 523, §9.)