Section 11-47-8

Removal of prisoners from municipal jail to another jail.

If the jail of any municipality is destroyed or becomes overcrowded, insufficient or unsafe or any epidemic dangerous to life is prevalent in the vicinity, or there be danger of rescue or lawless violence to any prisoner, any circuit judge of the county, on application of the mayor or governing body of such municipality and proof of the fact, may direct the removal of any prisoner or prisoners, either before or after conviction, to the nearest sufficient jail in any other municipality or county, and it is the duty of such judge in such case to make an endorsement on the order or process of commitment stating the reason why such removal is ordered and to date and sign such endorsement.

The maintenance and cost of removal of said prisoners shall be borne by the municipality requesting said removal.

(Acts 1964, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 247, p. 344.)