Section 11-47-91

Arrangement and return of enumeration; certification of same to Secretary of State; effect as to conduct of school census.

Such enumeration shall be alphabetically arranged and returned to the mayor, together with the original books of enumeration. The mayor shall thereupon certify to the Secretary of State the result of such census, giving the total number of each race residing within the corporate limits of the municipality, and the result so certified by the mayor under the seal of the municipality, attested by the clerk, shall be the official census of such city or town until the next federal census or until a new enumeration shall have been taken.

When a municipal census shall have been taken in an odd year, it shall not be necessary to take a separate school census in such municipality during such year, but such school census shall be taken from the result of the enumeration made by the municipality and certified as required by law to the State Superintendent of Education.

(Code 1907, §1061; Code 1923, §1752; Code 1940, T. 37, §482.)