Section 11-47-93

Use of federally conducted census.

Any census taken under the provisions of Section 11-47-92 shall be used only as the basis for any law which provides for the levy or collection of license taxes where such levy or collection of license taxes is based on population and as the basis for any law which provides for the distribution of state-collected or county-collected licenses, excises, revenues, or funds where such distribution is administered or distributed on a population basis. Such census shall be used in administering any such laws as soon as such census is certified by the bureau of the census, of the United States Department of Commerce and proclaimed by the governing body of the city or town providing for the taking of the census; provided, that where a municipality is annexed or otherwise merged with another municipality it shall not be necessary to take a census as provided in this section but the population of the municipality to which such other municipality is annexed or merged shall be the combined total of the population of each such municipality according to the last federal census and such total population shall be the official census of such municipality.

(Acts 1953, No. 845, p. 1136, §2.)