Section 11-48-18

Manner of assessment of costs of improvements generally - Sidewalk improvements.

In the case of sidewalk improvements, including curbing and guttering, the costs or any part thereof of the improvement of the street or avenue corner may be assessed against the lots abutting on or nearest said improvement, and the entire cost or any part thereof of the sidewalks improvement, including curbing and guttering, at the intersection of any alley with a street or avenue or other highway may be assessed in fair proportion against the respective lots or parcels of land abutting or cornering on the alley at such intersection, but in no case shall the assessment against any lots or parcels of land be greater than the increased value of such lots or parcels of land by reason of the special benefits derived from such improvement.

(Code 1907, §1373; Code 1923, §2188; Acts 1927, No. 639, p. 753; Code 1940, T. 37, §527.)