Section 11-48-49

Proceedings for sale of land upon failure of owner to pay assessment, installment, or interest - Notice.

If the property owner who has not elected to pay installments fails to pay his assessments within 30 days or, having elected to pay in installments, fails to pay the first installment in 30 days from the date of the assessment or makes default in the payment of any annual installment or the interest thereon, the whole of such assessment shall immediately become due and payable, and the officer designated by the municipality to collect such assessments shall proceed to sell the property against which the assessment is made to the highest bidder for cash, but he shall first give notice by publication once a week for three consecutive weeks in some newspaper published in the city or town or of general circulation therein of the date and time of such sale and the purpose for which the same is made, together with a description of the property to be sold. If said officer shall fail to advertise and sell any property on which said payments or installments are past due, any taxpayer of the issuing municipality or any holder of bonds of the series affected by said failure, whether of bonds heretofore issued or to be hereafter issued, shall have the right to apply for a writ of mandamus requiring said official to take such action to any court of competent jurisdiction, and said court shall, on proof, issue and enforce such writ.

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