Section 11-48-57

Mailing of copies of deed and certificate to persons last assessed upon property described in deed by probate judge; entry of certificate on record of deed, etc.

At the time of application for entry of such certificate of warning to redeem, the applicant shall deliver to the probate judge three correct copies of said deed with a notation thereon of the deed book and page where recorded and shall pay to said probate judge a fee of $1.00. Said copies of deed need not include any certificate of acknowledgment.

It shall thereupon be the duty of said probate judge to promptly compare said copies with the record of such deed and, if such copies be found to be correct copies of such record, it shall be the further duty of such probate judge to ascertain from the ad valorem tax assessment records of his county the name of the person or persons other than the grantee in said deed to whom the property described in said deed was last finally assessed for ad valorem taxation, together with the address of each such person as shown by said tax assessment records, and thereupon to promptly mail to each such person at such address one of the aforesaid compared copies of said deed, together with an attached warning to redeem in substantially the following form: "Take notice that there is recorded in my office in Deed Book _____ at page _____ a deed of which the attached is a correct copy. You are warned that unless you, or those claiming under you, take prompt steps to redeem from those claiming under said deed, all rights of redemption may be lost. This _____ day of _____, 2__, _____, Probate Judge, _____ County, Alabama."

Promptly upon or after mailing such notice or notices and compared copy or copies of deed, it shall be the duty of said probate judge to enter upon the margin of the record of such deed a certificate of warning substantially as prescribed by Section 11-48-56 and to sign such certificate and to date the same with the date of entry. At the expiration of 60 days after the date of such certificate all rights to redeem from the sale shown by such deed shall cease and desist.

(Acts 1939, No. 204, p. 354; Code 1940, T. 37, §565.)