Section 11-49-101

Adoption of ordinance for vacation of street and erection of public building, etc., thereon - Publication of notice as to introduction of ordinance and time for consideration thereof by council, etc. - Required.

No ordinance vacating a portion of a street as provided by Section 11-49-100 shall be adopted until after the expiration of 30 days after its first introduction, and after it has been introduced it shall be published in some newspaper published in the city or town for two successive weeks, and such publication shall also contain a statement of the time when it will be considered and that objections to its passage may then be heard by the council or other governing body; provided, however, that if the city or town has no newspaper published therein, such publication shall be made in some newspaper of general circulation published within the county where such city or town is located.

If, for any reason, the ordinance is not acted on at the time stated in the said notice, it may be postponed to the next regular meeting of the council or other governing body and may thereafter be postponed by the council or other governing body to subsequent regular meetings.

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