Section 11-49-2

Regulation of cellar openings, stairways, signs, etc., on sidewalks; regulation, construction, etc., of sidewalk repairs.

Cities and towns may prohibit openings being made on the sidewalks for cellar entrances and may close the same and may prescribe plans and specifications to be followed for such openings, if allowed. They may prohibit stationary or movable stands from being placed on the sidewalks and do any and all things necessary to secure free and ample passageway thereon, including the removal of stairways. They may prohibit the erection of awnings and verandas and signs hanging over the streets and sidewalks and may prescribe plans and specifications therefor, if allowed. They shall require the sidewalks to be kept in repair and, if not repaired by the owners of property abutting thereon, upon reasonable notice, to be determined by the council in the manner to be provided by ordinance, they may be repaired by the municipality at the owner's expense, and the amount expended therefor shall be a lien upon the property, which, with interest, may be collected as taxes or assessments are collected.

(Code 1907, §1266; Code 1923, §2014; Code 1940, T. 37, §647.)