Section 11-5-12

Liability of coroner or special coroner for wrongful acts, etc., while discharging duties of sheriff.

For the failure to perform any duty or the improper or neglectful performance of such duty or for any wrongful act committed under color of office by the coroner or the special coroner while discharging the duties of sheriff, such coroner and his sureties and such special coroner are liable to the same penalties, forfeitures, and judgments given by law against sheriffs in like cases to and upon the same proceedings and remedies as are given by law against sheriffs and their sureties.

(Code 1852, §811; Code 1867, §946; Code 1876, §861; Code 1886, §932; Code 1896, §1082; Code 1907, §110; Code 1923, §165; Code 1940, T. 12, §63.)