Section 11-5-33

Coroner qualifications.

(a) No person shall be eligible to hold the office of coroner unless he or she meets the following qualifications:

(1) Is a citizen of the United States.

(2) Is a resident in the county in which he or she seeks the office of coroner for at least one year prior to his or her qualifying for election to the office and remains a resident of the county during his or her term of office.

(3) Is a registered voter.

(4) Has attained the age of 25 years prior to the date of the general primary election in the year that he or she qualifies for election to the office.

(5) Has obtained a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent.

(6) Has not been convicted of a felony offense or any offense involving moral turpitude contrary to the laws of Alabama, or any other state, or the United States.

(7) Has successfully completed the next scheduled training course no longer than 180 days after his or her election or appointment, unless an affidavit affirms that the requirement of this subdivision has been met at the time of qualifying for the office.

(b) Each person offering his or her candidacy for the office of coroner shall file an affidavit with the judge of probate before whom the person has qualified to seek the office of coroner prior to or at the time of qualifying, which affidavit shall affirm that he or she meets all the qualifications required pursuant to this section.

(Act 2006-581, p. 1527, §4.)