Section 11-5-34

Deputy coroners.

The coroner of each county is authorized to appoint such deputy coroners as are needed, with the prior approval of the county commission. Any appointment shall be in writing and shall be filed in the office of the coroner and the office of the judge of probate. The coroner of each county may delegate any of the powers of the office to one or more deputies who shall then have the same duties with respect thereto as has the coroner. Any act of a deputy shall be performed in the name of the coroner and signed by the deputy performing the act. A deputy coroner shall hold office during and subject to the pleasure of the coroner. Each deputy coroner, before entering the performance of the office, shall file with the judge of probate of the county the bond and oath of office required by law to be filed by the coroner. No compensation shall be paid to a deputy coroner without approval of a majority of the membership of the county commission.

(Act 2006-581, p. 1527, §5.)