Section 11-5-52

Itemization of expenses; statement.

(a) To obtain reimbursement of expenses as authorized in this article, the coroner shall itemize the necessary expenses incurred for the storage of the body prior to transportation and for transportation of the body from its location to the designated forensic sciences laboratory and transportation from the designated forensics laboratory to a designated funeral home or other appropriate location. The itemized statement shall be delivered to the county commission by the coroner within 10 days of the date the body is delivered to the designated forensic sciences laboratory.

(b) Upon receipt of the statement from the coroner, the county commission shall prepare and send an itemized statement for reimbursement of expenses to the entity responsible for reimbursement as provided in Section 11-5-51. Payment shall be remitted to the county commission by the responsible entity within 30 days of the date of receipt of the itemized statement.

(Act 2010-542, p. 943, §3.)