Section 11-50-191

Conveyance authorized; terms; ordinance or resolution.

Each municipality which now or hereafter owns a system or part of a system is hereby authorized to transfer and convey one or more systems, or any part or parts of a system or systems, or any rights incidental thereto, without the necessity of authorization at an election of the qualified voters of such municipality, to any other municipality in Alabama. Any such transfer or conveyance may be made with or without pecuniary consideration and on such terms and conditions as the governing body of the municipality owning such system or systems or part or parts thereof may determine. Any such transfer and conveyance shall be made only upon the enactment by the governing body of the municipality owning such system, or systems or part thereof, of an ordinance or resolution authorizing such transfer and conveyance.

(Acts 1975, No. 831, §2.)