Section 11-50-240

Issuance of revenue bonds for improvement and extension of waterworks plants and pledge of revenues from gas systems for payment thereof.

Any waterworks board organized under the provisions of this division which has acquired or may hereafter acquire a gas plant or system pursuant to the provisions of Division 2 of this article may, in addition to the powers granted it by said provisions, issue revenue bonds for the purpose of acquiring or constructing improvements and extensions to its waterworks plant and system and may pledge for payment of such revenue bonds not only revenues from such waterworks plant and system but also any available revenues from its gas plant and system. In order so to issue revenue bonds payable from the revenues of both its waterworks plant and system and its gas plant and system, it shall not be necessary for such waterworks board to combine such systems or to provide for their operation, maintenance, and repair as one combined and consolidated plant and system or for the keeping of books and records for one combined plant and system.

(Acts 1959, No. 378, p. 993.)