Section 11-50-262

Borrowing of money and issuance of revenue bonds therefor; execution of mortgages, pledges, etc., as security for indebtedness; provisions in same as to rights of parties thereto, etc.; sale of gas to municipalities authorized.

(a) Any waterworks board shall also have the power to borrow money and to issue revenue bonds as evidence of any money so borrowed, which bonds shall be payable solely from the revenues derived from the operation of such gas plant and system. As security for any money so borrowed, together with interest thereon and any obligations incurred or assumed, the board shall have the power to mortgage, pledge, or otherwise transfer and convey its real, personal, and mixed property or any part or parts thereof, whether then owned or thereafter acquired, including its franchises owned and thereafter acquired and all or any part of the revenues derived from such plant or system or any part thereof. The instrument whereunder such mortgage or pledge shall be made may contain such agreements as the board of directors of such corporation shall deem advisable respecting the operation and maintenance of such property and respecting the rights and duties of the parties to such instrument or for the benefit of whom such instrument is made; provided, that no such mortgage or pledge shall be construed so as to permit the foreclosure thereof.

(b) Any such waterworks board shall also have the power to contract for the sale of and to sell its gas supply or any part thereof to any person, firm, or corporation and to any city or town for distribution to the inhabitants thereof and the surrounding territory.

(Acts 1947, No. 154, p. 48, §2.)