Section 11-50-263

Execution, etc., of contracts as security for repayment of moneys borrowed.

In addition and for the further security of the lender, any waterworks board which has borrowed money under the authority of this division may enter into a contract or contracts with the lender binding itself for the proper application of money borrowed from such lender and for the operation and maintenance of any such gas plant and system, or any one or more of them or any part or parts thereof, and for the imposition, collection, safeguarding, and application, disposition, and remittance of reasonable rates for gas supply and service and for the promulgation of reasonable regulations relating to rates and services and for any other act, series of acts, duty, or thing not inconsistent with the provisions of this division and the law relating to such corporation for the protection of the loan and the assurance of a reasonable return upon the properties in which such loan is invested, out of which operating expenses and the principal and interest of such loan may be met.

(Acts 1947, No. 154, p. 48, §3.)