Section 11-50-290

Contracts between municipalities and waterworks board for operation and management of sanitary sewer systems.

(a) The city or town council, city commission, or other governing body of any incorporated municipality in the State of Alabama in which a waterworks board organized pursuant to Sections 11-50-230 through 11-50-237, 11-50-240 and 11-50-241 may be operating is hereby authorized, in behalf of such municipality, to enter into contracts with such board, and such board is authorized to enter into contracts with such municipality, whereunder such board shall act as agent of such municipality for the operation and management of any one or more sanitary sewer systems located in such municipality.

(b) Such contracts may contain such provisions and terms as may be mutually agreed on by the parties thereto respecting the operation and management of the sanitary sewer systems covered thereby, including provisions respecting the furnishing by such board of water for such sanitary sewer systems, provisions respecting the collection and remittance by such board of service charges collected by it for services rendered by or from any such sanitary sewer system after deduction of the charges of such board in connection therewith, and also including provisions for the discontinuance of the furnishing of water by such board to any of its water customers if such customer fails to pay, within a reasonable time as shall be designated by such board, any service charge established by ordinance of such municipality for service rendered to such customer by or from such sanitary sewer system. As an aid to the efficient operation by such board of the sanitary sewer systems covered by any such contract, such board is authorized to establish regulations providing for such discontinuance of water service and to put such regulations into effect.

(Acts 1943, No. 570, p. 574, §1.)