Section 11-50-406

Bonds - Disposition of proceeds from sale.

All moneys derived from the sale of any bonds issued by any district incorporated under this article shall be used solely for the purpose or purposes for which the same are authorized, including any engineering, legal or other expenses incident thereto and, in the case of bonds issued in whole or in part for the construction of a gas system or systems or any part thereof, interest on such bonds (or, if a part only of the bonds are issued for the purpose of such construction, on the part of such bonds issued for that purpose) prior to and during such construction and, in the case of bonds issued by a district for the purpose of refunding outstanding bonds of such district, any premium which it may deem necessary to pay in order to redeem or retire the bonds to be refunded and any interest (accrued and to accrue) on the bonds to be so refunded.

The treasurer or other officer designated by the board of directors shall give a receipt for the purchase price to the purchaser of any such bonds, which receipt shall be full acquittal to such purchaser, and he shall not be under any duty to inquire as to the application of the proceeds of such bonds.

(Acts 1951, No. 762, p. 1319, §14; Acts 1965, No. 694, p. 1286, §2.)