Section 11-50-53

Regulation, installation, etc., of drainage and sewer connections generally.

All cities and towns of this state shall have the power to establish or build drains and may require private or public premises to be connected with the sewer system for proper drainage or sanitation and shall have the power to regulate the manner of connection therewith. They shall also have the power to adopt and enforce all such laws, ordinances, and resolutions necessary to compel the owners of real property to ditch and drain the same at such owner's expense and to punish any neglect of such owner or person in charge of said lots or property, and on failure of the owner after 10 days' notice to do so, the city or town may ditch and drain such premises at the expense of such owner, the same to be a lien on such property to be collected as other debts are collected or liens enforced. The notice required by this section shall be by personal service or by posting a notice on the premises.

(Code 1907, §1283; Code 1923, §2040; Code 1940, T. 37, §604.)