Section 11-50-54

Regulation, installation, etc., of drainage, plumbing, sewer connections, etc.

All cities and towns of this state shall have the power to prescribe the location and manner in which drainage from private premises may be disposed of and to prescribe the manner in which plumbing shall be constructed and to forbid the use of the same while out of order or defective and may discontinue or forbid the use of sinks, pits, cesspools, dry wells, and surface closets and may regulate and compel the connection of private or public premises with the sewer system of the town or city, and the council or other governing body shall have the power to punish the owner of any property who shall fail to make such connection, after 10 days' notice to do so, and shall also have the power to prevent the lease, rental, or use of any property after notice that such connections have been required until the same shall have been made. If such owner fails or refuses, after 10 days' notice, to make the connection, the town or city may cause the same to be made at such owner's expense, and the cost thereof shall be a lien on such property, prior to all other liens, except for taxes, and the same may be collected as other debts are collected or liens enforced. The notice to make the connection provided for in this section must be given in writing to the owner, agent or occupant of the premises.

(Code 1907, §1286; Code 1923, §2043; Code 1940, T. 37, §605.)