Section 11-50-72

Adoption of ordinance or resolution describing sewer system to be purchased, ordering preparation of maps, profiles, etc., thereof, etc.

When the council of any city or town shall determine to purchase any sewers or sewer system under the provisions of this division, the cost of which or any part thereof is proposed to be assessed against the property abutting on or drained by said sewers or sewer system, it shall adopt an ordinance or resolution to that effect, describing the sewers or sewer system proposed to be purchased, giving the name or names of the owner or owners of said sewers or sewer system and establishing or describing the territory or area abutting on or drained or that may be drained by such sewers or sewer system and defining the same by naming the streets, avenues, alleys, or other lines by which the same is bounded.

In said ordinance the council shall direct that the city or town engineer or such other person as may be designated in such ordinance or resolution survey said sewers or sewer system and prepare maps and profiles showing the location of such sewers or sewer system and appurtenances thereto, their sizes, grades, and the materials of which they are constructed, or they may adopt any such survey, maps and profiles, and report heretofore made by any engineer under the authority of the council.

(Acts 1923, No. 165, p. 134; Code 1923, §2085; Code 1940, T. 37, §610.)