Section 11-50-74

Execution of contract for purchase of sewers or sewer system by council; contents and terms thereof.

Thereafter the council may enter into a contract with the owner or owners of said sewers or sewer system, subject to final confirmation by the council under the provisions of this division, for the purchase of the same at a purchase price and under such terms as may be agreed upon between the parties thereto, the purchase price to be paid in whole or in part as the council may see proper by assessment against the abutting and drained property.

Such contract may prescribe when and under what conditions the title to said sewers or sewer systems shall be conveyed to the city or town; and that any bonds issued or to be issued as prescribed in this division for the cost thereof may be secured by mortgage on or deed of trust to said sewer or sewer system, in addition to the security of the assignment of the lien on the abutting or drained property provided for in this division.

(Acts 1923, No. 165, p. 134; Code 1923, §2087; Code 1940, T. 37, §612.)