Section 11-50A-27

Dissolution of authority.

When all bonds, bond anticipation notes and notes issued by the authority under the provisions of this chapter shall have been paid in full or otherwise satisfied, or when its obligations cease under every contract described in this chapter, whichever is later, the then chairman of the authority may, upon authorization of two-thirds of the membership of the board, thereupon execute and deliver in the name of and in behalf of the authority an appropriate deed, or deeds, or other appropriate instruments of conveyance, to which the seal of the authority shall be affixed and attested by the secretary-treasurer of the authority, whereby there shall be conveyed to the municipalities at that time represented on the election committee, in the proportion that each municipality's then existing voting power on the election committee bears to the total then existing voting power of all municipalities represented on the election committee, all the projects, buildings, properties and other assets then owned by the authority. The then members of the board shall at that time file with the Secretary of State a written statement, subscribed and sworn to by each of them, reciting the payment in full of all bonds, bond anticipation notes and notes theretofore issued by the authority and the execution and delivery of any deed, deeds or other instruments of conveyance to the above-described municipalities, which statement shall be filed by the Secretary of State and recorded with the certificate of incorporation of the authority, whereupon the authority shall stand dissolved. There shall be no fees paid to the Secretary of State for any work done in connection with the dissolution of the authority.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-681, p. 1114, §27.)