Section 11-50B-7

Provision of cable channel to public school system, etc.

Subsequent to August 1, 2000, each public provider that commences offering to the public cable service in the exercise of authority granted it hereunder shall reserve and make available for the use of the public school system in the municipality in the case of a municipality, or in the municipality which authorized the organization of the municipal instrumentality in the case of a municipal instrumentality, without fee, charge, or other compensation from the public school system, one cable channel; provided, however, that if the provision thereof without fee, charge, or other compensation pursuant hereto would constitute a breach of or event of default under the provisions of any resolution, indenture, mortgage, or other instrument pursuant to which any debt obligations of the public provider are then outstanding, the public provider shall not be required to provide a cable channel without fee, charge, or other compensation until the time doing so would no longer constitute a breach or event of default.

(Act 2000-614, p. 1235, §7.)