Section 11-51-102

Licensing, etc., of theatres, parks, shooting galleries, etc.; closing of houses of amusement or places for sale of firearms, etc.

Any city or town shall have the power to license, tax, regulate, restrain, or prohibit theatrical and other amusements, billiard and pool tables, nine or tenpin alleys, box or ball alleys, shooting galleries, theatres, parks, and other places of amusement when, in the opinion of the council or other governing body, the public good or safety demands it, to refuse to license any or all such businesses and to authorize the mayor or other chief executive officer by proclamation to cause any or all houses or places of amusement or houses or places for the sale of firearms or other deadly weapons to be closed for a period of not longer than the next meeting of the city or town council or other governing body.

(Code 1907, §1341; Code 1923, §2164; Code 1940, T. 37, §751.)