Section 11-51-187


A taxpayer that has purchased a business license required under this chapter shall not be subject to more than one business license examination for each business license by or on behalf of the issuing taxing jurisdiction for every three-license-year cycle unless reasonable cause is shown and notice is given to the taxpayer, consistent with Section 40-2A-13, or unless the taxpayer fails or refuses to provide to the taxing jurisdiction a true and correct copy of its federal income tax return for the prior two license years or portions thereof within 14 days after written request has been mailed or personally delivered to it. The following activities shall not constitute a business license examination for purposes of this section: (1) The mere contact of a taxpayer or its authorized representative by a municipality or its agent for the purpose of obtaining information to confirm any information provided by the taxpayer in connection with its application for or renewal of its business license, or (2) an inspection of the taxpayer's books and records consistent with one of the exceptions for sales and use tax examinations listed in Section 40-2A-13(c).

(Act 2006-586, p. 1548, §3.)