Section 11-51-196

Disclosure of license information.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to print, publish, or divulge, without the written permission or approval of the taxpayer, the license form of any taxpayer or any part of the license form, or any information secured in arriving at the amount of tax or value reported, for any purpose other than the proper administration of any matter administered by the taxing jurisdiction, or upon order of any court, or as otherwise allowed in this section. Nothing herein shall prohibit the disclosure, upon request, of the fact that a taxpayer has or has not purchased a business license or of the name and address of a taxpayer purchasing or renewing a business license from the municipality. Statistical information pertaining to taxes may be disclosed to the municipal governing body upon their request. Any person willfully violating this section shall, for each act of disclosure, have committed a Class A misdemeanor.

(b) The governing body of a municipality may adopt from time to time an ordinance consistent with Section 40-2A-10(d) to permit the exchange of business license information between and among the municipality and other municipalities adopting similar ordinances or between county and state governments, subject to the confidentiality restrictions imposed by this section.

(c) In no event shall any damages, attorney fees, or court costs be assessed against a municipal government under this section, nor shall any damages, attorney fees, or court costs be assessed against elected officials, officers, or employees of a municipal government under this section.

(Act 2006-586, p. 1548, §3.)