Section 11-51-52

Report of tax collector; payment of taxes collected to municipal treasurers; receipt of municipal treasurers.

The tax collector in making his monthly report as required to be made under the law in regard to state and county taxes shall embrace in each of such reports a statement setting forth the taxes collected by him for such municipalities during the preceding month and up to the date of such report subsequent to his preceding report, and a copy of each report shall be forwarded by the collector to the mayor or other presiding officer of such municipalities within five days after making such report. The collector must pay to the treasurers of such municipalities monthly at the same time he is required to make payment of taxes collected for the state and county all municipal taxes then due from him to such municipalities before that time collected.

The treasurers of such municipalities shall give the county tax collector a receipt in duplicate for the amount received, one of which duplicates shall be promptly forwarded to the Department of Revenue by the tax collector.

(Acts 1931, No. 300, p. 337; Acts 1939, No. 57, p. 67; Code 1940, T. 37, §709.)