Section 11-51-98

License tax on vending and weighing machines - Authorized generally.

The governing body of each city and town within the State of Alabama is authorized and empowered to levy and collect from every person, firm, company, corporation or association, receiver or trustee, but not a governmental subdivision, who possess and operate or who maintain for operation by others vending machines for vending gum, candy, cigarettes, milk, soft drinks, or any other type or kind of article or on which a person is weighed or on which music is played a license in amounts that are reasonable at the discretion of such governing bodies authorized hereby to levy and collect same for each such vending machine so possessed and operated or that is maintained for operation by others within the limits of such city or town and within the police jurisdiction thereof; provided, however, that such city or town shall not be authorized or empowered to levy or collect a license from any such person, firm, company, corporation or association, receiver or trustee who possesses and operates or who maintains for operation by others coin-operated gas meters, coin-operated telephones, machines vending postage stamps, or other necessary articles on a nonprofit basis for emergency use only by the employees of such person, firm, or corporation; provided further, that in cases where vending machines vending merchandise are located in industrial plants or on private property for use of employees, the person, firm, or corporation operating such vending machines shall be entitled to an occupational license, the fee for which shall be based on a percentage of the gross receipts of the sale of such merchandise.

(Acts 1947, No. 393, p. 290, §1.)