Section 11-54-52

Powers of municipalities generally as to acquisition, leasing, etc., of projects for provision of buildings and other facilities for certain national organizations.

In addition to any other powers which it may now have, each municipality shall have the following powers:

(1) To acquire, whether by construction, purchase, gift, or lease, and to equip one or more projects, which shall be located within this state and may be located within or without the municipality or partially within or partially without the municipality, but which shall not be located more than 15 miles outside of the corporate limits of the municipality;

(2) To improve, enlarge, expand, equip, furnish, insure, and maintain one or more projects;

(3) To lease to others any or all of its projects or any part thereof for such rentals and upon such terms and conditions as the governing body may deem advisable and as shall not conflict with the provisions of this article and to grant options to renew or extend any such lease upon such terms and conditions as the governing body may determine; provided, that no lease shall extend beyond the last maturity of any bonds issued by the municipality or 60 years from the date of the lease, whichever is the longer, and no option to renew shall permit the extension of any lease beyond such period;

(4) To issue revenue bonds for the purpose of defraying the cost of acquiring, improving, enlarging, expanding, equipping, or furnishing any project and to secure the payment of such bonds as provided in this article; and,

(5) To enter into contracts and agreements and to do any act necessary for or incidental to the performance of the duties and the execution of its powers under this article.

(Acts 1973, No. 812, p. 1251, §3.)