Section 11-54A-24

Authorities organized under prior acts.

Any downtown redevelopment authority established under Acts 1982, No. 303, Acts 1984, No. 395, Acts 1984, No. 415, Acts 1985, No. 185, or any other authority organized under any act of this state prior to May 29, 1985, for the purpose of revitalizing or redeveloping the central business district of any city or town in Alabama may reincorporate under the provisions of this chapter by the filing of a restated certificate of incorporation with the judge of probate of the county wherein the certificate of incorporation of the authority was originally filed for record but the provisions of Section 11-54A-4 need not be complied with and, if the authority had previously received an authorizing resolution, no new authorizing resolution shall be required. The governing body of the city shall not be required to reappoint the directors of any such authority and the directors then in office shall continue in office and their terms of office shall expire at the same time such terms would have expired prior to the passage of this chapter. The downtown development area of such authorities shall be the areas specified in the acts described in the first sentence of this paragraph.

All bonds, leases, mortgages, indentures, inducement agreements, preliminary bond resolutions and other instruments, contracts, documents and agreements issued, entered into, authorized or approved by such authorities are hereby validated, ratified and approved ab initio.

(Acts 1985, No. 85-683, p. 1080, §24.)