Section 11-54B-12

Annual budget of district management corporation.

(a) The officers of the district management corporation shall submit a detailed annual budget for approval by its board of directors including proposed expenditures and proposed sources of funding, including voluntary donations, and which explains how the budget contributes to goals and objectives for the business improvement district.

(b) The budget shall be introduced, approved, amended, and adopted by resolution passed by not less than a majority of the full membership of the board of directors.

The procedure shall be as follows:

(1) Introduction and preliminary approval;

(2) Public advertising;

(3) Public hearing;

(4) Amendments and public hearings, if required; and

(5) Adoption.

(c) No budget shall be adopted until a public hearing has been held thereon and all persons having an interest therein shall have been given an opportunity to present objections.

(d) The board of directors may amend the budget during or after the public hearing.

No amendment by the board of directors shall be effective until taxpayers and all persons having an interest therein shall have been granted a public hearing thereon, if the amendment shall:

(1) Add a new item in an amount in excess of 10% of the total amount as stated in the approved budget; or

(2) Increase or decrease any item within such budget by more than 10% of the amount stated therein for such item, or

(3) Increase the amount to be raised by special assessment by more than 10% of the total special assessment revenues stated in the approved budget.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-677, §12.)