Section 11-54B-7

Review of self-help business improvement district plan and adoption of ordinance.

The municipality, upon review of the self-help business improvement district plan submitted, may, after public hearing, adopt an ordinance to designate, establish, and maintain the area described in the plan as a self-help business improvement district. The ordinance shall provide for an effective date which is sixty (60) days from the date of adoption of the ordinance by the municipality and shall provide that, if the owners of real property which represent one-third ( 1/3 ) or more (by number) of all parcels of real property located within the geographical area of the district file written objections to the establishment of the district with the clerk of the municipality, the provisions of such ordinance shall be null and void and no district shall be created. The ordinance shall designate the district management corporation provided for in the plan as the district management corporation authorized to provide administrative and other services to the district and authorize the execution of a contract between the municipality and such district management corporation setting out the services to be provided by the district and the municipality. The contract shall provide that the municipality shall continue the same level of services in the district as provided prior to the creation thereof.

(Acts 1994, No. 94-677, §7.)