Section 11-56-15

Bonds - Remedies upon default in payment of principal or interest on bonds.

If there shall be any default in the payment of the principal of or interest on any bonds issued under this chapter, then the holder of any of the bonds and of any of the interest coupons applicable thereto and the trustee under any indenture, or any one or more of them, may by civil action, mandamus or other proceeding compel performance of all duties of the officers and directors of the corporation with respect to the use of funds for the payment of the bonds and for the performance of the agreements of the corporation contained in the proceedings under which they were issued and compel performance of the duties of all officials of each local subdivision and public corporation which is a lessee under any lease pledged as security for the bonds so in default with respect to payment of the rentals provided to be paid under any such lease and, regardless of the sufficiency of the security for the bonds in default and as a matter of right, shall be entitled to the appointment of a receiver to administer and operate the project out of the revenues from which the bonds so in default are payable, with power to make leases and fix and collect rents sufficient to provide for the payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds and any other obligations outstanding against the project of the revenues therefrom and for the payment of the expenses of operating and maintaining the project and with power to apply the income therefrom in accordance with the provisions of the proceedings under which the bonds were authorized to be issued.

The remedies specified in this section shall be cumulative to all other remedies which may otherwise be available for the benefit of the holders of the bonds and the coupons applicable thereto.

(Acts 1955, No. 493, p. 1116, §16; Acts 1956, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 127, p. 182, §6.)