Section 11-58-3

Contents, execution, acknowledgment, filing and recordation of certificate of incorporation.

(a) The certificate of incorporation of any corporation organized under this chapter shall state:

(1) The name of the corporation, which shall be a name indicating the purpose for which the corporation is organized [e.g., "The Medical Clinic Board for the (County) (City) or (Town) of _____”].

(2) The location of its principal office and the post office address thereof.

(3) The period for the duration of the corporation. (If the duration is to be perpetual, this fact should be stated).

(4) The objects for which the corporation is organized.

(5) Any other provisions not contrary to law which the incorporators choose to insert for the regulation and conduct of the affairs of the corporation.

(b) The certificate of incorporation shall be acknowledged before an officer authorized by the laws of this state to take acknowledgment of deeds. When so acknowledged, the certificate shall be filed in the office of the judge of probate of the county, or one of the counties in which any municipality is located, and the judge of probate shall immediately file and record the certificate. Thereupon the applicants shall constitute a corporation under the name stated in the certificate of incorporation.

(Acts 1955, No. 516, p. 1160, §2; Acts 1994, No. 94-642, p. 1203, §1.)