Section 11-59-3

Application for authority to incorporate public athletic board; adoption of resolution by governing body authorizing incorporation; execution, acknowledgment and filing of certificate of incorporation generally.

Whenever any number of natural persons, not less than three, each of whom shall be a duly qualified elector of and taxpayer in the municipality shall file with the governing body thereof an application in writing seeking permission to apply for the incorporation of a public athletic board of such municipality, the governing body shall proceed to consider such application. If the governing body shall by appropriate resolution duly adopted find and determine that it is wise, expedient, necessary. or advisable that the corporation be formed and shall authorize the persons making such application to proceed to form such corporation, then the persons making such application shall execute, acknowledge. and file a certificate of incorporation for the corporation as provided in this chapter.

No corporation may be formed unless such application shall have first been filed with the governing body of the municipality and the governing body shall have adopted a resolution as provided in this section.

(Acts 1947, No. 231, p. 94, §3.)