Section 11-60-15

Authority and procedure for dissolution of corporations; vesting of title to funds and properties thereof in municipalities upon dissolution.

Whenever the board of directors of the corporation shall by resolution determine that the purposes for which the corporation was formed have been substantially complied with and all bonds theretofore issued and all obligations theretofore incurred by the corporation have been fully paid, the then members of the board of directors of the corporation shall thereupon execute and file for record in the office of the judge of probate of the county in which the corporation is organized a certificate of dissolution reciting such facts and declaring the corporation to be dissolved. Such certificate of dissolution shall be executed under the corporate seal of the corporation.

Upon the filing of such certificate of dissolution, the corporation shall stand dissolved, the title to all funds and properties owned by it at the time of such dissolution shall vest in the municipality, and possession of such funds and properties shall forthwith be delivered to such municipality.

(Acts 1967, Ex. Sess., No. 218, p. 264, §16.)