Section 11-65-28.1

Modification of takeout for all racing events.

In order to provide a uniform takeout for pari-mutuel wagering on racing events that reflects the competitive pressure on pari-mutuel wagering from other forms of gambling in surrounding states, and to enable any racetrack in a Class 1 municipality (a "Class 1 racetrack") to maximize its participation in combined pools with other racetracks both inside and outside the State of Alabama, the Legislature hereby finds and determines that it is necessary and desirable to authorize the uniform takeout hereinafter provided for pari-mutuel pools wagered by bettors present at a Class 1 racetrack, notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 11-65-28 and 40-26A-2, which sections are hereby superseded to the extent that their provisions purport to govern the takeout at a Class 1 racetrack in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of this section. Subject to the continued effectiveness of the provisions of Section 11-65-32.1, including particularly those provisions related to adjustment of the takeout for combined pools, the total takeout allowed to the racing operator of a Class 1 racetrack for all pari-mutuel pools wagered at such racetrack on live horse or greyhound racing events conducted at such racetrack and for all pari-mutuel pools wagered at such racetrack on horse or greyhound racing events conducted elsewhere and received by television at such racetrack, before deducting any state or local wagering taxes or fees, shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of the total amount wagered in such pools by bettors present at the Class 1 racetrack, irrespective of the number or combination of racing contestants selected by the bettors.

(Act 98-128, p. 188, §1.)