Section 11-67-10

Procedures for abatement of repeat nuisances.

(a) This section shall apply only in Class 2 municipalities.

(b) The city council in any Class 2 municipality may adopt procedures for the abatement of repeat nuisances authorizing the mayor, or his or her designee, without a resolution of the city council, to take actions as necessary to abate overgrown grass and weeds on property that has previously been subject to abatement within the last three years through the procedures in this chapter. The procedures adopted by the city council shall provide for the sending of a letter to the last known address of the property owner or owners by regular United States mail not less than 10 days prior to the order to abate the nuisance. The notice to the owner or owners of the property shall inform the owner or owners of all of the following:

(1) That the mayor, or his or her designee, has declared the property to be a nuisance.

(2) That the city has previously abated a nuisance on the property.

(3) That the reasonable cost of the current abatement shall be assessed and collected as a special assessment and lien against the property.

(4) That the property owner or owners may have the nuisance removed at their own expense prior to the arrival of the employees, contractors, or designees assigned by the city to abate the nuisance.

(Act 2015-115, §§1, 2.)