Section 11-67-26

Account of cost of abatement or removal of nuisance; report to governing body; posting of report.

Each Class 5 or Class 6 or Class 8 municipality shall keep an account of the cost of abating or removing the nuisance in front of or on each separate lot or parcel of land where the work is done by it or its employees, or by a duly authorized private contractor, company, enterprise, or individual, and shall render an itemized report in writing to the governing body of the municipality showing the cost of removing the nuisance on each separate lot, or in front of the lot and before the report is submitted to the governing body, a copy of the report shall be posted for at least five days prior thereto on or near the chamber door of the governing body, together with a notice of the time when the report shall be submitted to the governing body for confirmation.

(Acts 1988, No. 88-333, p. 502, §7; Acts 1995, No. 95-252, p. 421, §1.)