Section 11-67-41

Grass or weeds may be declared public nuisance and abated.

An abundance of overgrown grass or weeds within the city which is injurious to the general public health, safety, and general welfare by providing breeding grounds and shelter for rats, mice, snakes, mosquitoes, and other vermin, insects, and pests; or attaining heights and dryness so as to constitute a serious fire threat or hazard; or bearing wingy or downy seeds, when mature, that cause the spread of weeds and, when breathed, irritation to the throat, lungs, and eyes of the public; or hiding debris, such as broken glass or metal, which could inflict injury on a person going upon the property; or being unsightly; or a growth of grass or weeds, other than ornamental plant growth, which exceeds 12 inches in height, may be declared to be a public nuisance and abated as provided in this article.

(Acts 1993, No. 93-306, p. 453, §2.)