Section 11-68-5

Powers and duties of commission.

An historic preservation commission created by an ordinance enacted pursuant to this chapter shall be authorized to:

(1) Preserve and protect buildings, structures, and sites of historic and architectural value in the historic districts designated pursuant to that ordinance;

(2) Prepare a survey of all property within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality creating the commission;

(3) Recommend to the municipality creating the commission buildings, structures, sites, and districts for designation as historic properties or districts;

(4) Restore and preserve any historic properties acquired by the municipality creating the commission or acquired by the commission;

(5) Promote acquisition of facade and conservation easements by the municipality creating the commission or by the commission;

(6) Develop and conduct educational programs on historic projects and districts designated pursuant to the ordinance and on historic preservation subjects;

(7) Make such investigations and studies of matters relating to historic preservation as the municipality creating the commission or the commission deems necessary and appropriate for the purposes of this chapter;

(8) Apply for funds to carry out the purposes and responsibilities of the commission from municipal, county, state, federal, and private agencies and sources;

(9) Purchase, sell, contract to purchase, contract to sell, own, encumber, lease, mortgage, and insure real and personal property in carrying out the purposes and responsibilities of the commission;

(10) Investigate, survey, and process nominations of properties to the National Register of Historic Places;

(11) Investigate, survey, and process applications for certification of historic properties for tax credits for preservation expenditures;

(12) Contract with other municipal, county, state, federal and private agencies and organizations to perform historic preservation related functions;

(13) Exercise such further powers as the commission may deem reasonably necessary and proper to carry out the purposes, responsibilities, and powers of the commission.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-536, p. 1116, §5.)