Section 11-70-9


A municipality or interested party, within 42 days following the effective date of the judgment, may appeal the judgment of the circuit court to the Court of Civil Appeals. Any party appealing from an order vesting title in the municipality, as a condition of the appeal, shall identify the parcel which is the subject of the appeal and, with respect to that parcel, post a bond with at least one solvent surety in the amount due to redeem the property under Chapter 10, Title 40. The appeal shall stay the order of the circuit court only with respect to each parcel identified as the subject of the appeal. The order of the circuit court shall be affirmed absent a defect in the identification of the property or in the notice such that the notice deprived a party of the right to due process of law. The order shall not be reversed on the basis of merely technical noncompliance with this chapter.

(Act 2010-396, p. 644, §9.)