Section 11-72-7

Duties of the commission.

The commission shall take active steps to do each of the following:

(1) Educate the public as to the economic and aesthetic benefits of trees to the Class 2 municipality and its citizens, both on publicly owned property and privately owned property.

(2) Promote the planting, health, and growth of trees in the Class 2 municipality, with the particular objective of establishing and protecting avenues of live oak trees and other trees deemed suitable by the commission.

(3) Promote the care, feeding, fertilization, and other measures desirable for the health and growth of existing trees in street rights-of-way in the Class 2 municipality.

(4) Protect trees located in street rights-of-way in the Class 2 municipality from damage, removal, lack of sustenance, or any other act or condition which might threaten the health and growth of such trees.

(Act 2015-116, §2(7).)