Section 11-80-5

Planning, establishment, administration, etc., of recreational, social and cultural facilities, services, etc., for senior citizens.

The counties and municipalities of this state are hereby authorized to plan, establish, and furnish recreational, social and cultural facilities, services and programs, including transportation services and programs, especially for senior citizens within the state, and to make the availability of benefits through use of such facilities, services or programs depend upon uniform nondiscriminatory eligibility requirements. In availing itself of this authority any county or municipality within the state may agree to and abide by the conditions of any grant from any agency of the state or the United States government pertaining to such facilities, services, and programs. Such services may be administered by and through such instrumentality or instrumentalities as may be designated for that purpose by the governing body of such county or municipality and may also be furnished by each such entity or on a multijurisdictional basis through mutual agreements between two or more such entities and also by contract with such public or private agencies as may be determined by such governing bodies as necessary or desirable.

(Acts 1976, No. 399, p. 503.)