Section 11-80-9

Assistance to governing body of municipality or county when municipality or county declared disaster area; procedure; mutual aid agreements.

(a) The governing body of each incorporated municipality and the county commission of each county of the state is hereby authorized to provide assistance, by means of gift or loan, to the governing body of any other municipality or county located within the state when such county or municipality has been declared a disaster area by the Governor of the State of Alabama or by the President of the United States. Such assistance may be in the form of funds not otherwise appropriated, services, or other aid as determined by the governing body of the municipality or county offering assistance. The terms upon which assistance is offered should be mutually agreed upon, reduced to writing, and approved by the governing bodies of both the assisting county or municipality and the recipient county or municipality.

(b) Nothing herein shall restrict or affect in any manner mutual aid agreements heretofore or hereafter entered into by municipalities and/or counties for the purpose of disaster assistance.

(Acts 1991, No. 91-209, p. 391, §§1, 2.)