Section 11-81-204

Contracts for security of lender; limitation as to charges for electric energy and service by counties or municipalities.

(a) In addition and for the further security of the lender, any such county or municipal corporation which has borrowed money under the authority of this article may enter into a contract with the lender binding itself for the proper application of money borrowed from such lender and for the operation and maintenance of any such plants, or any one or more of them or any part or parts thereof, and for the imposition, collection, safeguarding, application, disposition and remittance of reasonable rates for energy supply and services, and for the promulgation of reasonable regulations relating to rates and services and for any other act, series of acts, duty or thing not inconsistent with the provisions of this article for the protection of the lender's loan and the assurance of a reasonable return upon the properties in which the proceeds of such loan are invested, out of which operating expenses and the principal and interest of such loan may be met.

(b) No county or municipal corporation acquiring or constructing any electric light plant or electric distributing system under the provisions of this article nor receiver of any such electric light plant or distributing system shall charge any rate for electric energy and service that is higher than the rate for similar electric energy and service that has been authorized and approved by the Alabama Public Service Commission for public utility companies operating in counties or municipal corporations of approximately the same size in Alabama.

(Acts 1933, Ex. Sess., No. 107, p. 100; Code 1940, T. 37, §357.)